Alot of the work we do within the EFL programs incorporates aspects of the body-mind connection and how our thought and emotions may be affecting our daily life experience and over all state of health.

When someone has a thought from a memory or something they are currently experiencing, it creates an emotional response in their body which can be positive or negative. Emotions cause specific chemicals and neurotransimitters to be released from the brain into the body...again which can be positive or negative. Overtime, the continued negative emotional experiences, such as during depression or PTSD, can cause the body to become toxic because of the increased release of  items like Cortisol or Epinephrine that can cause the body to inhibit or lessen the production and release of the more helpful neurotransmitters like Dopamine and Sertonine for example. When partnering with horses and developing an attachment to them, individuals have the potential to experience joy and happiness while with them. During these positive emotional experiences the body is able to then start to release the more supportive and healthy chemicals and neurotransimitters. 

As mentioned in the "Why Horses" link under the Release aspect, the idea that being able to truly move past trauma or life stressors, they need to be discharged out of the nervous system. Talking about it is helpful interms of developing awareness of what needs to be released, but the next step is to actually look to remove it. This is where the Energy Healing sessions are helpful. They can be facilitated in person with or without the horses present and can also be done distant in some of the methods.

When incorporating the horses into these sessions, a profound healing can happen just from being in their presence. This is able to happen because of the concept of resonance. As horses have large higher vibrating electro-magnetic fields (EMF), when an individual with often a lower vibrating EMF (often due to varying emotional states) joins the horse in their EMF...the human will often experience emotional and energetic releases (sometimes can be seen as tears, yawning, stomach gurggles or even the need to go to the washroom etc) as their field comes into resonance with the horses. It is very benefical on both the emotional and physical level for the participant. 

Once in a coherent state from being with the horses, other energetic healing modalites can become that more effective. Energy Healing sessions for humans can include practices such as Reiki, 3-D Healing Hypnosis, Aromatherapy, Crystal Balancing, Sound Healing or Jin Shin Jyutsu. The modalities used will be determined by what the individual is presenting with but also what they are open to. The effectiveness of any form of Energy Healing, is mainly due to how open the participant is and their desire and willingness to heal. 

All of the above modalities can be done without including time with the horses at the start. Reiki and 3-D Healing Hypnosis can also both be done distantly. 

For more information on the Energy Healing modalities and sessions or prices, please send an email to Carrie at  Thank you.

Note: While Energy Healing modalities are powerful and effective healing tools, they are not meant as a substitute for professional medical care. Always consult your doctor about the best course of medical treatment for yourself.


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