Intuitive Insight Sessions for People

Intutive Insight sessions for people, are in essence a reading that can help individuals who are seeking clarification and guidance in their life.  

Many people are seeking more information about changes happening in their lives and with their health, relationships, career choices and even spiritual questions. The information shared during these conscious conversations may help individuals perceive and shift patterns in work, health and relationships, invite in healing, and even stimulate creative energy. These sessions can be done in person or distantly through various virtual methods.

Session Length: 2 hrs (one hour of prep and one hour with client)

Note: Intuitive Insight sessions can be combined with and built into the time spent with the horses in the Personal Growth and Healing EFL sessions. If this is something you would like to experience, please note that when contacting Carrie to set up a session. Thank you.

Please email Carrie at, , with your interest in an Intuitive Insight session for yourself and for prices. 

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What is Intuitive Insight?