Introduction to Horses Sessions

Do you want to learn more than just how to ride a horse? Are you new to the world of horses or just looking for a new approach to reconnect with and care for a horse?, then our Introduction to Horses program may be for you!

A few of the aspects that could be covered in this type of program are: herd dynamic analysis, body language/nonverbal communication, general horse care, animal communication using a pendulum and muscle testing, horse identification, haltering, grooming, leading and liberty work. Through the work done in these various aspects of the program, one can learn more about who they really are and how or why they interact they way they do in the world around them. The majority of the sessions will be done from the ground. If it is suitable, there may be mounted aspects incorporated into the program.

Note: This is not a riding lesson. The main purpose is to improve personal awareness via developing “horse sense” and understanding a safe way to connect and interact with horses. Mounted aspects may be included if suitable to the individual. Sessions are done privately unless other arrangements are discussed ahead of time. (School or office groups may be arranged for small group sessions or workshops)

Session Length: 60-75mins

Please email Carrie at, , with your interest in an Introduction to Horses experience and for prices. 

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